COVID-secure at Mamhead Village Hall

We've taken steps to make the hall COVID-secure and it is now available for hire again, subject to limitations and within government guidelines. There is a new Schedule in the hire agreement to cover this - see below for detail.

If you'd like to hire the hall please get in touch.

COVID-secure hire Schedule

The special conditions and restrictions in this schedule apply during the COVID-19 pandemic and override all other conditions and restrictions, taking precedence over them where there is contention.

  1. The Village Hall is not available for catered events, performances or sports activities.

  2. All events must be run in a COVID-19 secure way in accordance with all relevant and current government guidelines including any activity-specific guidelines.

  3. Hirers must ensure that nobody who is feeling unwell, or lives with anyone who is unwell, enters the hall.

  4. Anyone who becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms within 21 days of using the hall must contact NHS track-and-trace and report their use of the hall.

  5. No more than 12 people are allowed in the premises at any one time.

  6. Social distancing must be maintained and face coverings must be worn inside the Village Hall except where explicitly allowed by government guidance. Users of the hall should remain at least 2 metres apart unless they are members of the same household.

  7. Users of the hall must take turns entering restricted spaces, in particular the corridors, kitchen and toilets.

  8. Anyone entering the Village Hall must wash or sanitise their hands on arrival and immediately before leaving.

  9. The Village Hall Management Committee reserves the right to close the hall and/or terminate the hire at any time if there is any reason to believe that this agreement is not being adhered to or that there is any risk of COVID-19 exposure.

  10. Hirers must clean all surfaces and equipment appropriately at the start and end of each event, including door handles, light switches, window catches, any equipment and furniture that has been used, toilet handles and seats, and sinks.

  11. All rubbish bins, including kitchen and toilet bins, must be emptied into the main black wheelie-bin outside the road door and the bin liners in them replaced from the stock in the kitchen, at the start and end of each event.

  12. Hirers must ensure that paper towels, tissues and hand sanitiser are available in the toilets and kitchen, and that hand sanitiser is available near the entrance and exit, replenishing from the stocks in the kitchen if necessary, before the start of each event.

  13. Hirers must inform the Village Hall Management Committee if stocks of hand sanitiser, paper towels, tissues or bin liners are getting low.

  14. We do not provide safe disposal facilities for masks or other PPE so all such items must be safely removed by their owners or the hirers at the end of each event.

  15. External windows and doors must be kept open during events as far as is reasonable and all windows and doors must be secured at the end of each event.

  16. There must be no music or other sound above normal speaking volume, such that nobody is required to raise their voice.

  17. Hirers must make a record of attendees' contact details for each event, keep it for 21 days and make it available to NHS track-and-trace if required.

  18. Should anyone become unwell with COVID-19 symptoms while at the hall, hirers must ensure that the treatment and decontamination procedure shown on posters in the hall is followed, and that the Village Hall Management Committee is informed immediately.

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